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LiFi is the much talked topic around the world with its amazing ability to start a revolution with some unique factors. In this post we are going to answer the following question-

What makes LiFi so special?

LiFi is special as it makes you think about a concept of spreading the network around the world wherever there is a light. LiFi uses the normal LED with just a minor update to send data to your device in the form binary codes. LED bulbs are semiconductor devices, which means that the brightness of the light flowing through them can be changed at extremely high speeds. This allows us to send a signal by modulating the light at different rates. The signal can then be received by a detector which interprets the changes in light intensity (the signal) as data.

Problems faced by regular wireless networks.

We have 1.4 Millions of cellular mark around the world and these are base station and we have more than 5 billion of cellular device around the world that uses this cellular mark for that connectivity and with these mobile phone wwee transmit 600 TB of data every month this is Six with 14 Zero large no. and having cellular connectivity is as important as the using electricity.

What are the issues this wireless technology has which is so fundamental to our life

Power of light bulbs.

There are around 1.4 millions of cellular marks around the world but we have 14  Billions of lightbulbs.

Light is being used around the world for millions of years and it is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum.On one side where radio waves have a limited spectrum and the visible waves has a spectrum of about 10,000 times that of radio waves.

Humans have developed structures for installation of light around the world but what if these light can be used for communication. All we need is to replace your regular light with LED.

LED is  a semiconductor device that uses electromagnetic spectrum,.The efficiency of the light emitted can vary at a very fast rate and can be used for data transmission. 

Why LED’s?

Future expectations

In the future the receiver can be installed in smartphones and other devices and may use the camera inside as a receiver. There will be a question coming in your mind that do we need to switch on the light 24*7? The answer is yes with a but which is yes you need to switch on 24*7 but the light can be dim so that it cannot be seen from the naked eyes and also during this process the device will work.

The best part about this technology is that the LED transmitting data cannot be disturb by the other light emitting device as the receiver is only interested in the variation of the amplitude.

What transmission speed LiFi provides?

In past times the morse code signal was passed through turning on and off of light. Imagine the same signal being passed at a very high rate so that it cannot be seen from our naked eyes this imagination scenario is what Lifi works on.

The frequency of the radio waves used in WiFi is of order 5GHz (max 60GHz). Whereas the Visible light used for LiFi has a frequency of about 500THz. That’s about 10000 times more than Wifi.

The data transfer rate depends upon the frequency of the carrier as the data transfer can be a maximum of 1/2 frequency of the carrier frequency. 

In laboratory scientists have achieved a speed of around 220 GBPS and on the safe side it can be said that  Lifi can provide 100MBPS to every single user utilizing it.which is around 100x faster than WiFi.

How light transmission solves regular wireless network problems discussed earlier?

So does LiFi overcome the four challenges we discuss above? Lets see

Here is a TED from the Harald Hass-“father of LiFi”

All we need to do is install a microchip in the 14 billion light bulbs to make 14 billions LiFi.

Now i have a question where this technology can be used for data transmission other than for communication?

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