When will corona pandemic end?

The corona virus has been one of the major things on everyone’s minds from the day 1 of its arrival in their countries.Seems like an isolated incident has become a global disaster affecting 27,25,920 individuals and causing 1,91,061 deaths around the globe created a pandemic. It is physically impossible to not hear about corona around any news and to ask question that when will this pandemic end?question mark, note, duplicate

Why pandemic due to corona is different?

To know when will these corona pandemic end Well first let us  discuss why corona is different from other viruses. Scientist are unable to find two major factors related to the virus

  1. Seasonal Activities : Many viruses like flu and common cold are seasonal. They have a tendency to abate in the summer months. Whether the same or not apply for corona virus could make a huge difference. 
  2. Duration of the immunity : Same apply for duration of the immunity. Meaning how much duration a person retains the antibiotics for natural immunity after the virus infected them. Flu  and common cold have a relatively low duration of immunity but in the case of SARS and Corona virus have a longer duration of immunity making them so severe and deadly.

Till the time scientists analyse the data and comes out with how corona virus  behaves? the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe is to remain isolated to be safe from these corona pandemic.

How to end this pandemic?

The main belief is that it will end through Herd Immunity.

Consider a city of 200 in which 100 people are affected by the corona disease.  80 are not immunized but look healthy and the rest are notquestion mark, question, frequently asked questions healthy. After certain days the 80 people also become unhealthy due to the virus. These 100 unhealthy people fight with viruses according to their immune system. After certain days of treatment 75 of the people again become healthy and 5 of them are completely immunized. This cycle continues until there are majority people who are completely immunized and they can be a shield to  the non immune people resulting in decrease in infected people. The remaining 100 people must remain isolated from the rest of the 100 during this complete cycle which is long duration.

Herd Immunity can come about in two ways

  • First through the above discussion in which a large no. of population is infected by the disease causing deaths and pandemic. 
  • Second through the vaccination in which a vaccine is developed that  helps in increasing immunity to fight through the virus.

As discussed above only option one is being used. unless there is a proper vaccine available in the market that can end this pandemic at fast rate. which could take about 18 months at least to develop.

learn more about herd immunity here.

Scientists View on Herd Immunity and pandemic.

Scientists don’t know for certain that people become immune after they become infected. China has developed antibiotics but scientists are not sure how protective these antibiotics are. In one study on recovered corona patients in China 15% of 262 tested positive again after they were discharged. Unless now the antibiotics are partially protective and scientists are not sure for how long it can be protective.

When will corona pandemic end?

Scientists say that they have no answer to how long this corona pandemic would take to end or to be normal again. There are certain questions whose answer can lead you to the exact time.

Is the virus seasonal ?virus, coronavirus, corona

What is the duration of immunity?

Is herd immunity helpful?

Is antibiotics helping for a longer duration?

Scientists says that this virus will be with us till the next year.we will continue to see more and more cases and right now our hope is to flattening the curve of infected one to the immunized one. Also to delay infecting large no. of people so that we have opportunity to develop a  effective vaccine. They need to understand how to treat this virus when it does manifest serious symptoms.

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