How to Create a Logo for your business, blog, and websites for FREE.

We will start to create our logo with an online software called ‘HOTH’. Hoth is free online logo making tool to create beautiful, dynamic and appealing logo for brands, companies, groups and blogs.


The ultimate tool to create your free logo. Be surprised. Try our logo creater today and start your brand!

Link to hoth portal:

Click the link above to open the online tool.


Click on the ‘NEW’ button on the top or delete each element from the Workspace by selecting each and the deleting individually.

Now add Texts, Symbols, Shapes, or upload images from the desktop to the Workspace.
To do go to the left side of the page and select from the Toolbar/OptionBar.
Let’s start by adding symbols to the logo.
  • Click on Add Symbol:

Search for an interesting and relevant symbol from the different categories listed.
To select a symbol just:
  • Double click it, it appears our Workspace.

Add Shapes to your Logo :

Adding Text blocks to your logo:

To move one layer(object/text/symbol) above or below the other layer by:

  • Bring Forward (to make it Top layer).
  • Send Backward(to make it the lower layer).

We can change the element properties :

  • Change Text Font Style: From the options menu.
  • Change Text Font Colour: From the options menu.
  • Change Text Font Size: By dragging the custom block around the element inwards or outwards.

The final logo for ‘GEEKYHERMIT’ is ready:


Now to download the created logo :
  • Click on the Save/Download button on the top of the screen.
A pop-up dialog box will appear asking for the email id where the logo will be sent.
  • Enter your Email Id.
Save the following link if you later further want to edit this logo.

                                                         Thank you.

I hope you made a great captivating logo for your Blog and Website.

Work Hard, Stay Safe, Be Happy!


Ritwik Mehta

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