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Geeky Hermit is a one-stop blog for musings on life, health, productivity and books. In addition, we also provide content writing, copywriting and life consultancy services.

This blog was started as an attempt to make sense of the universe; the universe within us and the one outside us.

All of us ponder over eternal and trivial questions on a daily basis. We want to impact the world yet we are caught up in the mundane. We want to change others but we don’t want to begin with ourselves. We are all so fundamentally similar, practically running after the same things yet so superficially different.

If you often find yourself wondering about similar questions, questions that don’t have any right or wrong answers, then I invite you to come and be a part of this quest. Join us as we ponder over questions, discuss ideas, share our thoughts and get closer to answers, one blog at a time.

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